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Openfire 4.6.0 Beta is Released

The Ignite Realtime Community is thrilled to announce the beta of our next major feature release of Openfire 4.6.0. The changelog details the issues resolved with some of the highlights including:

  • improved PEP/PubSub support
  • added XEP-0289: Federated MUC for Constrained Environments
  • improvements and bug fixes made after enhanced integration tests provided by the aioxmpp library

A tremendous amount of thanks goes to @guus for his continued development work pushing Openfire forward and bug fixes made.

You can find download artifacts for this beta release having the following sha1sum checksums.

aa1c503808d54904456d9f41ba715f85eb1925d3  openfire-4.6.0-0.2.beta.i686.rpm
1732df79b0fa8e5359df313e56314e728e8dd3e6  openfire-4.6.0-0.2.beta.noarch.rpm
8e2ef7835da4d094099357ac7137fb848f30f376  openfire-4.6.0-0.2.beta.x86_64.rpm
d7425999ae0d39362b1a11e60c7ec3215b0e6efc  openfire_4.6.0.beta_all.deb
231601705ada84c465c1942c56fc8c49f7fb7239  openfire_4_6_0_beta_bundledJRE.exe
0e326b6d6df89a3ccb9e09a199ed97eef40cd358  openfire_4_6_0_beta_bundledJRE_x64.exe
b20c6fffff57b970c465e3d8ba010bac94e9df15  openfire_4_6_0_beta.dmg
c244234d55d9e37907b2901e5c1dc22cad833221  openfire_4_6_0_beta.exe
06ff956ba1f1faa7b889ab4be0fad80062475844  openfire_4_6_0_beta.tar.gz
c66fa82bafcf8039b22e148fc95ef8938ece200a  openfire-4.6.0beta.tar.gz
71f2bd20ad41c317b760e8b07b4870c534dc6b6a  openfire_4_6_0_beta_x64.exe
dbda855fd20a23b7e66839349571ca3fa2826758  openfire_4_6_0_beta.zip
cd72160b919510e6379b69900f8e7cfd2a9d76e8  openfire-4.6.0beta.zip

Often folks want to know when to expect the full 4.6.0 release? The answer greatly depends on the amount of community testing and feedback we get! Please drop by our web support chat or post a message in our discourse forums letting us know how the beta is working for you.

Thanks for your usage and interest in Openfire!

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