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Openfire 4.6.1 is released

The Ignite Realtime Community is pleased to announce the availability of version 4.6.1 of it’s Realtime communications server Openfire!

This version is largely a bugfix release. It primarily focusses on improving multi-user chat and pubsub functionality when running an Openfire cluster, but also includes other improvements, such as LDAP/AD preformance enhancements. You can find all changes in the changelog, which is denoting 33 issues resolved since 4.6.0.

We are again grateful for all of the support that was provided to us, in no small amount through our community that is active in our chatroom and on our community forums!

We invite you to give this release a try. The process of upgrading from an earlier version is as lightweight as ever. It is outlined in the Openfire upgrade guide. Please note that, if desired, a significant amount of professional partners is available that can provide commercial support for upgrading, customization, or other services.

We’re always happy to hear about your experiences, good or bad! Please consider dropping a note in the community forums or hang out with us in our web support groupchat.

Download artifacts are available here with the following sha1sum values:

8fe60c2ac0be32f497648a6f129dec89ec858533  openfire-4.6.1-1.i686.rpm
c7e949d21aecb488617c8effe31f5831d25ed912  openfire-4.6.1-1.noarch.rpm
a28e01c896d40f756a03c2e7cf8ec48ef45af782  openfire-4.6.1-1.x86_64.rpm
6504c08821415e8e053ca361f78e899f6c9ddf7e  openfire_4.6.1_all.deb
2d76d5ead560b49dda95cf9305e9d47f67ef2349  openfire_4_6_1_bundledJRE.exe
1423d1aa5ca6d9e4169b5f775bc11b5f6b4fcf8c  openfire_4_6_1_bundledJRE_x64.exe
a4c7f7d4bd82d2eecf6791befcc8285d172740ad  openfire_4_6_1.dmg
627d062dec364bc2f4e6a8b54d171c599525edde  openfire_4_6_1.exe
84915336194c72622d96b9a0a20d9418397b93d6  openfire_4_6_1.tar.gz
89c6cf5ff54718eefee21292dc63f304ed8d6e2c  openfire_4_6_1_x64.exe
8be2dcb848cd501f20bff285ffa68a824d5f7d32  openfire_4_6_1.zip
602f9b6dc2f3b95cb25decf1026196d9b4a4c348  openfire_src_4_6_1.tar.gz
8354eb3fd548221bd76f5d5096766e04bbed36be  openfire_src_4_6_1.zip

Thank you for using Openfire!

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