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Openfire 4.6 and spark 2.8.3


We have an environment where openfire is currently 4.3.2 and spark is 2.8.3 . We are wanting to check and see if Spark 2.8.3 will work with openfire 4.6.0 as we do not want to update the server and clients in the same day. Please advise if this is possible.

In theory it will work cleanly if you have a solid DNS / SSL certificate setup on your Openfire server. As with anything, you should have backups and a procedure to test and rollback changes.

Thank you, we do have the correct structure to roll back if necessary, I just wanted to ask about compatibility as we have a different cadence for updates for client side software vs server side due to a virtual desktop infrastructure.

May I ask is SSL a requirement of openfire 4.6?

I am able to connect with 2.8.3 to 4.6.0 server. I think it should be ok. But having a rollback option is good. We can’t say if you don’t have something uniquely specific in your environment. As about DNS/SSL i think akrherz meant that you should have a correct DNS setup, that your users are logging in into XMPP domain name and not IP or server’s hostname. And SSL certificate is issued for XMPP domain name and matching what you are putting into Spark login window. Although this would be more important when you update Spark as current Spark versions are more strict about SSL.