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Openfire 4.7.0 beta & Hazelcast plugin 2.6.0 releases!

After a long few months full of hard work, we are happy to tell you that we are close to a 4.7.0 release for Openfire!

This next version of our real time communications server has received a lot of improvements and bug fixes.

A key area of the code that has received updates is the Multi-User Chat (MUC) implementation, with the objective of making that more stable in clustered environments. As always, but especially so if you’re making use of this functionality, we’d very much appreciate your feedback!

Together with this beta release, we’ve also released a new version of the Hazelcast plugin, which is the plugin that adds Clustering support to Openfire. This release, version 2.6.0, goes hand-in-hand with the Openfire 4.7.0 release: Version 2.6.0 of the Hazelcast plugin will not work prior to the 4.7.0 beta release, while Openfire 4.7.0 (beta) and later will require at least version 2.6.0 of the Hazelcast plugin to enable clustering.

We value your feedback!

All feedback that we receive based on this beta will help us to improve the non-beta release. Even if you test this beta and find no issues, that’d be helpful for us to know! Please leave your feedback as a comment to this blogpost, or create a posting in our community’s forum! If you want to chat with one of the developers, feel free to join the open_chat chatroom. We provide a web client with direct access, or you can join using your XMPP client of choice at open_chat@conference.igniterealtime.org.

The beta release of Openfire 4.7.0 is available at our downloads page for beta releases. You can download version 2.6.0 of the Hazelcast plugin from that plugin’s archive page.

The sha256sum values for the Openfire artifacts are listed below:

6cf4cc7a0a834b23cdea0ade198c724ee4f0be5560f1d16321414497c4f5903b  openfire-4.7.0-0.2.beta.noarch.rpm
ceee17f76d2645f2fcc29f5a84efbcc7fc376f7e01ef05ba28b65e850fff96f8  openfire_4.7.0.beta_all.deb
71e1a373420e048ee4c5921bcb54b4efa2357aaf9e57501284f20f0edeaa0428  openfire_4_7_0_beta.dmg
7d1f248e03c60dbb071eeee6abf671932c47e154fae888bee9293f875323fdd7  openfire_4_7_0_beta.exe
44bebac3da5f5d5d00270dcc303b34b6efce4c7c2bd1bfd4520827f6e8a58549  openfire_4_7_0_beta.tar.gz
72f1cd7dc2015ec70902b3b18a5248651a6e3091ba12ebf8d2767834b057c17f  openfire_4_7_0_beta_x64.exe
76e4cf8da32b062ed719812792849bcfc475a22208e721a5f1b7dcddda45a4a4  openfire_4_7_0_beta.zip

Please note that starting with this release, a Java Runtime Environment is no longer distributed with Openfire.

Thank you for using Openfire!

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Congrats! Pity you missed XMPP newsletter with this one :slight_smile:

Nice work, Congrats…

Btw. what about the still open Pull Requests which are labeled for 4.7.?