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Openfire 4.7.0 has been released!

The Ignite Realtime Community is elated to be able to announce the release of Openfire version 4.7.0!

This release is the first non-patch release in more than a year, which brings a healthy amount of new features, as well as bug fixes.

I’d like to explicitly thank the many people in the community that have supported this release: not only were a significant amount of code contributions provided, the feedback that we get in our chatroom and on our community forums is of great value to us!

Highlights of this release include extensively improved clustering support, particularly around Multi-User Chat functionality, which should benefit high-volume environments.

The complete changelog contains more than 110 issues that have been resolved in this release.

We invite you to give this release a try. The process of upgrading from an earlier version is as lightweight as ever. It is outlined in the Openfire upgrade guide. Please note that, if desired, a significant amount of professional partners is available that can provide commercial support for upgrading, customization, or other services.

We’re always happy to hear about your experiences, good or bad! Please consider dropping a note in the community forums or hang out with us in our web support groupchat.

You can find Openfire release artifacts on the download page. These are the the applicable sha256sums:

061200b8925f9d248c7303a5e893c3bd3df256bae07956ac4aa5fccb88e247c7  openfire-4.7.0-1.noarch.rpm
f1867b224082aa4baa3632bed465a51d21eb109cb57b01ac1a97f0662ab6f23c  openfire_4.7.0_all.deb
f7bc7d3dbeae4ce7f8620338c6f4cc27de873e8b7e736d2dc9b345a0942b89cc  openfire_4_7_0.dmg
49d474983105665831a15204d2504d56a829a908c5ffc4837504edcf71e52519  openfire_4_7_0.exe
781e024118e46675134b712e92efd249dd86b0e64c6ae221484c03fa5c66fe6f  openfire_4_7_0.tar.gz
7280870634edeba66b8ab274cab6c6e22c5fb4643942760de2c400d262917ac5  openfire_4_7_0_x64.exe
0ba7cac3dba81922fa254562f5e2fdb066bd195738910c4449e882195f936610  openfire_4_7_0.zip

As per usual, we have created a 4.7 branch in our source code repository, that will hold follow-up bug fixes for this release, which will be numbered with 4.7.x identifiers. The main branch will over time evolve into release 4.8. We do not expect to perform more releases on the 4.6 branch.

Thank you for using Openfire!

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I haven’t tested this. But speaking about upgrade path. If previously installed version had built-in java (jre folder), will it be removed during upgrade? I think installer usually deletes old files and then copies new ones. At least in Windows version. Not sure about the jre folder.

Ok, this was a quick test. Installed 4.6.7, then 4.7.0 on top. It didn’t remove the jre folder :wink:


Please note that some plugins (like the Monitoring plugin) need to be updated when you’re upgrading Openfire 4.7.0!

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@guus @Dele_Olajide and all contributors congrats for this nice release and very big step ahead with major clustering improvements ! It open additionnal doors for large scaling and HA, and that’s really great. CONGRATS !!!