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Openfire 4.7.1 - cannot import certificate into truststore

when trying to import a root cert into truststore using import form [https://myserver.org:9091/import-truststore-certificate.jsp?connectionType=SOCKET_S2S] I get page cannot displayed and webinterface is crashing

anyone else facing this problem with 4.7.1?
in the past with version 4.6.0 I had no problems importing additional CA

Kind Regards Robert

Hi Robert, thanks for reporting this. Can you please provide some screenshots, and relevant content from the log files? As a work-around, you can modify the keystore files directly. This is documented in Openfire: SSL Guide

before I start collecting some informations like screenshots an logfiles I would like to ask if somebody is able to reproduce the problem on a linux based openfire 4.7.1 installation?