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Openfire 4.7.3 released

The Ignite Realtime Community is pleased to announce the release of Openfire version 4.7.3. This version brings a number of bug fixes and other improvements and signifies our efforts to produce a stable 4.7 series of Openfire whilst work continues on the next feature release 4.8.0.

You can find download artifacts on our website with the following sha256sum values.

f05df8e68b8d52ef2941d80884484e62dcface5069868d3f51d2bfe17a72ea5a  openfire-4.7.3-1.noarch.rpm
8ba71bbf0b1abb5c2cd0e18dc20ade77ca2714d58a8ad5313f64614bdc7dac44  openfire_4.7.3_all.deb
d2b1ffa24b3d86858e4d5451a094193c839bceae0a73773fa5ae0e114d0732ff  openfire_4_7_3.dmg
41056744e15e3a9b384b852f5e2c1d1ebb4bfd1d79bb10b54526a1fd9a7fee07  openfire_4_7_3.exe
3ced4613c3cef61068fb89eed723e49b5845e960c6eec194961f75bc65042832  openfire_4_7_3.tar.gz
9c8ebcb930f2373713c1eb53a4b70d9f76a8577b95cbefd41e1ae284c2ff28aa  openfire_4_7_3_x64.exe
670db7574e6b528145c002f22f58789f949d5d5c03fbe372204816db07bd01e7  openfire_4_7_3.zip

As always, thanks for your interest in Openfire and stop by the open chat if you need any help or just want to say hi! Please report any issues you have in our Community Forums.