Openfire 4.7.3 server sends ping with end stream to idle clients although client response to each ping

now i found that my openfire 4.7.3 server send iq ping and end stream to client after random number of normal ping and client respond to each of them with iq ping result so i need to know why that happen
NOTE: client in my context is android client with smack version 4.4.7
this is log of client which indicate that server send ping with ewnd stream without waiting pong fro client
loooogs.txt (‏7.1 ‏ك.ب)

That’s unexpected. Can you enable debug logging on your server, and see what it logs around this time?

I strongly recommend that you upgrade Openfire to the latest release. The version that you are using suffers from an important security vulnerabilty.

It is advisable to use use a domain name instead of an IP address for your XMPP domain name value. Using IP addresses is a very brittle approach, that will lead to networking issues fast.

so please which openfire version you recommend to upgrade to???

Please upgrade to the latest release. You can find it at Ignite Realtime: Openfire Server

here is log of server with all levels including debug
openfire_.txt (‏40.1 ‏ك.ب)

Most of the logged messages appear to have been logged by a proprietary plugin. These messages do not tell me much, as I don’t know under what conditions they were logged.

A common source of issues is malfunctioning proprietary plugins. It is worth seeing if the problem persists if you unload all non-standard plugins from Openfire.