OpenFire 4.7.5 and conversations calls not working

I setup an OpenFire 4.7.5 server and use Conversations on some Android mobiles phones.

Calls between the 2 phones are not working.

The Pion Trun/Stun server is installed and enabled, and configured in “Ext. Service Discovery”

Server Uptime: 	13 hours, 33 minutes -- started Jan 2, 2024, 8:55:50 AM
Version: 	Openfire 4.7.5
Server Directory: 	/usr/share/openfire
Java Version: 	17.0.9 Debian -- OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
Appserver: 	jetty/9.4.43.v20210629
Server Host Name (FQDN): 	x.x.x.x
OS / Hardware: 	Linux / amd64
Locale / Timezone: 	en / Central Africa Time (2 GMT)
OS Process Owner: 	openfire

Can anyone help with this, please?

I’m sorry to hear that, Rudi. With the data that you’re providing, it’s hard to come to any kind of analysis.

TURN/STUN setups are very network-specific. Without very details knowledge, there’s little that I can advise, other than to look at the log files for relevant messages.

What else can I give you, to help diagnose the problem?