Openfire 4.7.5 to 4.8.0 upgrade

Running debian bookworm stable with openfire 4.7.5 hooked to on-prem Active Directory. I have a seperate OU of ‘chat’ groups for my server that are managed in AD. In 4.7.5, I had gone into the users/groups section and enabled Contact List (Roster) Sharing per my needs. (ex. Group1 is shared to Group2 and Group4, Group2 is shared to Group1 and Group3, etc) After running the deb from the downloads page, everyone can log into the server fine, but the only group that ANYONE can see is their own (Group1 from before only sees Group1, not Group2 or Group4, even with offline contacts on the client turned on) Going into the same Contact List (Roster) Sharing page, the sharing is listed as ‘The following Groups’, but making changes and clicking the Save COntact List Button returns fine, but the changes are not saved. Nothing shows in the logs that I can see either. Made no other changes to the configs and uninstalled 4.8.0 and reinstalled 4.7.5 from the deb and everything works fine.

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. I have created a new ticket in our bugtracker for this, here: [OF-2777] - Ignite Realtime Jira

Can you please investigate your logs? Do they contain any relevant information or errors?

openfire.log (438.3 KB)

I’m seeing a few errors, but not sure if it’s from the clients or the upgrade. Either way, the users can’t see outside their groups despite being shared and the changes in the ui don’t save.

Hi Guys, We are runing Openfire from 4.7.5 on Windows Server 2019 working com Active Directory. We had a similar problem like huntersan9. The spark is working but users see the people in other UO but donst see the people in the same UO. Even for testing I seleect the all user can see all users at the roast, but continue de the same. I had to do a downgrade of the version.

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Same problem here. Not using AD groups, but group sharing is broken, users can see contacts from others groups but cannot see contact inside the same group. I had to downgrade to make it working again for the users. Unfortunately, there is nothing useful in the logs file.

Ubuntu 22.04, OpenJDK 11.

This problem should be resolved in Openfire 4.8.1 that has now been released. Please give it a try!

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