Openfire 4.7.5 to 4.8.0

Hy guys

I have Openfire 4.7.5 installed on ubuntu 22.04 with near 570 user, with no anonymous login.

Clients are majority Pidgin and some inVerse.

After upgrade to 4.8.0, clients steel connect but the state of contacts wont change anymore.

Example, if when pidgin start one contact is offline, when they login the contact state never change.

It’s like Openfire loose the ability of spam change states of contacts.


Hello! I’m sorry you’re experiencing an issue. Exactly what kind of ‘change state’ are you referring to?

Do you mean a presence state change (for example, from ‘available’ to ‘away’ or ‘on the phone’), or do you mean something else - perhaps that you cannot see users come online or go offline anymore?

Does this affect all users, and/or all contacts?

Have you reviewed the log files? Maybe there are clues to the cause of this problem to be found there.

About presence state, and yes i cannot see user change to away, online, offline, etc

Affect all users and log files are absolutely normal.