Openfire 4.8.0 beta release!

It is exciting to be able to announce the immediate availability of the beta release of Openfire 4.8.0!

It has been 667 days ago since we released the 4.7.0. That was the last time that a release was made from the same source code branch. And, that shows: we have closed almost 180 issues against this release! I’ll reserve the details for a blogpost on the 4.8.0 (non-beta) release, but some of the highlights are:

  • We’ve dropped support for Java 8. The minimum requirement is Java 11 now
  • A complete reimplementation of the asynchronous network stack, increasing stability and performance
  • All known TLSv1.3 issues were resolved

This beta release (and some of its precursors) have been extensively tested by the developers and other members of the Ignite Realtime community. At this stage, we’re not seeing any critical issues. However, prior to cutting the full release, we prefer to have more feedback. That is where you come in!

We are looking for your help!

Please help us test this release! If you host your own instance of Openfire, please consider upgrading it to the new beta release. If you can’t, or if you’re not running Openfire but another brand of XMPP server, please do some interoperability testing with the server at

Are you a client developer? Please see how your application behaves, when connecting to the beta (we can make available accounts for testing to help you do this).

If you’re nothing of a tech-head but can use an XMPP client, try to interact with our domain (for example, join our chatroom at to see if there are any issues.

You can obtain the beta from our download page for beta releases or from the Github Releases page.

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, please stop by our community forum or our live groupchat. We are always looking for volunteers interested in helping out with Openfire development!

For other release announcements and news follow us on X / Twitter and Mastodon.


180 is only the things we’ve done since 4.7.5 came out.
The number of changes on the 4.8 branch since we released 4.7.0 would be well into the hundreds!


Congrats for new beta release and terrific work done !!!

Amazing work! Thank you all!

Can I update by command without having to reinstall everything?
I’m using virtualized in a proxmox (I do an LXC)

Would there be something, for example, an apt-get upgrade from 4.7.5 to 4.8?

Thanks in advance

Absolutely. The upgrade process typically involves nothing more than running the installer for your platform again. See Openfire: Upgrade Guide for details.

All normal caveats apply: ensure that you have backups prior to performing the update, etc, but generally speaking, the process of updating is very easy.