Openfire 4.8.0 It does not show the groups and I do not see connected users

Hello everyone.

I am configuring groups within spark to be able to separate users according to country and within openfire I already have them but when I enter spark the groups do not appear to me; also I do not see other users connected I have searched the internet but so far I can not find the solution.

Sounds like you are wanting to do “Contact List (roster) sharing” using the groups you have in AD.
To do this, click the group name. There should be a box to enable the sharing. You can define name and to whom to share with.

I have the same problem, we have already changed and tried all the options they have for sharing the groups and nothing has worked, we even reestared the server. What I did notice is that some users have a full list of friends and some only see a few friends and few grups.

Hi speedy.

It is correct, in fact the configuration is like this to allow sharing with other groups but still can not be seen in spark, the worst thing is that even being in the same group I can see the other users connected.

Hi Fresuda.

Have you been able to see logged in users? Can you tell me how to do it because apart from the error I mentioned, if there are other users connected, they do not see each other.

Somehow it fixed itself, by restarting the server