Openfire 4.8.0 Mapeo de grupos Active Directory

Hola a todos.

Estoy tratando de configurar los grupos que tengo en mi AD a openfire pero hasta ahora no he podido, he visto varias maneras de configurarlo pero todos han sido en versiones anteriores estoy usando la openfire 4.8.0

La configuración que he usado básicamente son variantes de:


Here is how I used to do groups and seach filters. perhaps you’ll find it helpful

Hi speedy,

Thanks to reply, i review the information and run test.

=( Not work @speedy

should work.
can you post what you have for

ldap.baseDN = 
ldap.groupSearchFilter = 
ldap.searchfilter =

Hello Speedy

Thaks, yes mi date is

ldap.searchfilter = (void)
ldap.groupSearchFilter =(&(objectCategory=Group)(memberOf=OU=Paises,OU=Grupos,OU=Fidelity,DC=fidelitymkt,DC=local))


apologies, by mistake I sent the user, but for the groups I’m using

filter group:



your filters are not correct


I don’t think openfire can filter based on OU, so you’d then need to filter based on group membership.


configure as indicated and it did not bring me the groups that already exist in the AD, my OU is called Groups → Countries (Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, etc).


Thanks for all the help, I did not understand at first but analyzing already saw that it is from the beginning and the default parameters brought me both users and groups of my AD.