Openfire 64 bit default installer (w/JRE8-64 bit includes)

Server platforms in 2015 already mostly 64 bit. All of them (Linux, Windows). Why default OF for Win still 32 bit? Win Server 2008R2 only 64 bit.

Memory usage with 100-150 users is up to 1500 Mb.

Yes, I want to add more users without clustering OF servers.

You can run on windows 64 bit platforms openfire.

I think you can try to compile without using the installed version openfire.




Time: 3 min after start service

… 30 min - openfire hang up and any connections stops.

Give more memory - no trouble. How to do it? 32 bit openfire cant use even 1800 Mb.

What you means “to compile”? Make my own 64 bit distr? OK. Tell please, what it is required to change? I’m slightly set aside of programming JAVA.

P.S. I tryed 3.10.0 beta. Openfire 3.9.3 (any 3.9.x = same effect). Openfire serves about 170 users. Added plugins - monitoring, openfire meetings (for testing only. With it or without = same effect), search, import/export users.

see Openfire on Windows x64 with Java x64

Can’t start Openfire service on localhost

Error 1: Incorrect function

I have other question: can do it has to be the main branch of the program already (64 bit). Especially remembering appetite of JAVA.

And opportunity to start 64 bit of the program on all without exception server platforms and configurations of the equipment which are used.

Even ARK | Intel® Celeron® D Processor 336 (256K Cache, 2.80 GHz, 533 MHz FSB) which reached “End of interactive support”

Soon openfire server 64 bit can be done on every smartfone !!!

delete the jre folder in openfire and make sure you have installed a 64-bit JRE/JDK. Ensure java is on your path. Type java -version from console prompt

Thanks, Dele. It’s working !!!

But it seems to me that my question not the last. Others will have the same question periodically. And it is better to enter nevertheless separate 64 bit assembly. Especially it is so simple.

Memory usage stops for me at 2009…2014 Mb. But 32 bit app can’t use it.

I tested also OF 3.93 with stand alone jre-8u31-windows-x64.exe. The combination is working too.

P.S. I found usefull Java option for “openfire/bin/openfire-service.vmoptions”:


It’s automatic collector of garbage. Memory usage shrink as ~twice to 1186 Mb.

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Hello. After switching to Java x64 , not the logs are written to a folder.

**Aleksey, **you have eliminated this bug?

I had the same problem. Edit the log4j.xml file in ./logs.


or where ever the logs folder is.