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Openfire + Active Directory Composite roster name (CN + Description)

Good Morning,
I’m installing openfire integrated with the active directory. I would like the display name in the contact list to consist of two fields of AD, cn (or displayname) + description or the position of the collaborator. How do I get this composite name? Thank you all for the attention.

within the vcard mappings, look for the tag <FN></FN>, in there you can drop in your AD attributes that you want to pull in ie <FN>{displayName} {otherattribute}</FN>

Yes, but it don’t change the name in the user list.

sorry…there was a formatting issue that left out some important info. I have edited the post!

Yes, I edited.
My configuration looks like this:
{displayName} - {description}
But users in the spark list continue to display only the name configured in the CN field.
I wish the spark list would appear like this:
Jorge Froner - TI (TI are in the description field).
But spark only shows Jorge Froner