Openfire added LDAP groups to control user access

Hi Guys

I had a search through the discusion threads but can’t find what I need…

I’m running openfire 3.8.2 with GOJARA yahoo transport enabled on a ubuntu linux server with AD LDAP integrated. Its running very well and we have multiple departments signing into spark and messaging successfully.

We have user groups setup in AD for each dept and I’ve added them in “Users/Groups, Groups” but after adding them I don’t see where the groups added are listed? As soon as they are selected they disappear, where in the config can I control these ie. if I want to remove them later or just check on which ones are in place?

Also, can anybody advise on how to setup openfire for optimal performance, as our system expands there is going to be more sign ons and conversations moving forward so would just like to ensure the cache settings etc are in place…

Thanks very much in advance.

Can anybody help with the groups question, I just need to know after adding an LDAP group in the openfire console how do I go about removing it later (or simply manage them) as I can’t find the groups previously added. Do I need to edit a file somewhere as I can’t find them in the Openfire console? I assume this is something simple but I’m lost…


This is how I do it.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I understand the access is controlled by group membership, I have 2 groups setup and I’ve integrated them into Openfire by selecting them in “Users/Groups, Groups, Group Summary” menu, the users who’s AD accounts are in the groups are happily signing into Spark.

My question is how would I go about removing these groups if required that I previously selected from the “Group Summary” menu … do you need to delete in AD…seems a bit odd that after selecting them in OF theres not a menu to show those previously selected?