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Openfire Admin console in k8s

Hi team,

I tried setting up cluster in k8s using hazelcast discovery plugin. In the Clustering tab it is showing up all the POD details.

But Admin console is not working with load balancer. If I do kubectl port-forward {pod_name} 9090:9090 it will work fine.

Is it because of the Admin console session maintained in single POD?

Could anyone help with this?

Also is there any way we can access admin console with permanent token ( not with one time token)

Authentication with the admin console needs to be done with a user. The OTP for is if you get locked out of all admins. You could have a user specifically for this purpose? Would be easier to spot in logs.

What’s “not working with load balancer”? A session is with a single instance, so you’ll need sticky sessions on your LB / k8s ingress gateway.

Thanks @danc