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Openfire: advanced group management

Hello all.

The question is about group visibility.

We know that it’s possible to select in each group’s properties, to what other groups it is (not) visible.

It’s OK if there are few groups (5-10-15).

We have 87 groups now. Most of them are visible to each other. But not all. It means that when a new group is added, we need to edit properties of all 87 groups and select their visibility to the new one.

As I mentioned, there are few groups which should not be seen to other’s, that’s why we can not use button “All users”, we need to select manually, 87 times. It takes much time, 40-60 minutes. And the server is highly loaded when many groups are edited at the same time.

Is there any more comfortable way to manage groups visibility ?

PS: each group corresponds to some branch of our company, e.g. “Office London”, “Office Paris”, “Office Oslo”, “Office Oslo-IT”, “Office Oslo-PR” and so on.

I agree that this is not a convenient way in your case. Maybe you can use the Packet Filter plugin as a workaround by blocking the presence between groups. How do you imagine the more comfortable way of doing this? I can only see it that way, that there will have to be another table, next to sharing one, say “Which groups are visible to this group” and there one would be able to select which existing groups should be visible/shared to a new group. This table should probably override settings in the “sharing to” table. E.g. if in Group1’s settings Group2 is not selected in the “share to” list and if you select Group1 in Group2’s settings in “visible to this group” list, this should automatically select Group2 in Group1’s “shared to” list. Anyway, someone would have to provide a patch for such group management rather complex refactoring. Until then there are no other options.