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Openfire after several days cannot login


anyone can help me ? I have server openfire with 1500 active connection. My server have 64 GB memory. But after serveral days, all my user cannot login into openfire. If the user logout, then they cannot login anymore. And I must restart openfire server, so all my member can login into openfire again. How to solve this problem ?

Thank you

That’s strange. However, there’s not much information in your message. Could you tell us what is in the log files?

Are you integrating with a user provider (like LDAP or AD)?

can you tell me how to check the log ? and i’m not using LDAP or AD. All just default. embeded database

Logs are in the installation directory (/openfire/logs/all.log). Having such amount of RAM it might be useful to switch to 64-bit version, though it is not yet officially available and i can’t seem to find a link to 4.1.5 version of deb. You can also give Java more memory by tuning custom parameters as described here http://download.igniterealtime.org/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/install-guide.html

If I have 64GB ram how much I must set for


I can’t find exact limit now, but i think it is around 1-2 GB for Xmx. So, try xms 512 and xmx 1024 first. Then try increasing both sizes a little bit (or just xmx) and see when your server stops working, then go back to working size. With so much RAM you should be using x64 version, but i can’t find even unofficial x64 build for Debian/Ubuntu.

I’m using openfire_4.1.5_all.deb Debian package, no Java JRE

And my Java already 64bit
Java Version: 1.8.0_131 Oracle Corporation – OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM

Heap utilization statistics [MB]

Used Memory:5
Free Memory:957
Total Memory:962
Max Memory:14274

How much I must set ? I use script to calculate memory from last topic in here.

I’m not sure if Openfire doesn’t have to be built with x64 JDK to work with x64 JRE. But you can try set it to something like 5 GB Xmx and see if that works.

so which OS is the best for openfire ?

centos ? debian ? or what ?

I don’t think there are much difference if you have 100 users. When you want to have millions of users then various platform aspects can be important. I don’t know such low level stuff, but say open files limits, etc. There is probably not much difference between linux distros as they all use kernel and same system libs.