Openfire always open setup

I install openfire 3.7, everything fine, but when I try to acces openfire always open setup wizzard, obviusly I follow setup once and twice, and so on, and always end succesfully, then I stop openfire service, and try to acces openfire again, and again i get setup wizzard, and again and again, what could be?



Please check your file permissions such that the user that is running openfire is able to write to its conf/openfire.xml file.


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Thanks daryl, is correct the solution is correct, this is what I did:

[root@server]# ll /opt/openfire/
I found that ‘daemon’ were the user and usergroup of all files, so I execute:

[root@server]# chown daemon:daemon openfire.xml
[root@server]# chown -R daemon:daemon /opt/openfire/
now works!


Just as a matter of interest - what linux/unix you running?

Centos 5.3 or 5.5 I don’t remember and now I have no acces to this server wasn’t mine, but is de Centos vesion that comes with Asterisk Now 1.7.1 64bits.