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Openfire and 2 domain names

Hello all

I am currently running openfire as a jabber server on my server.
and it works fine too.
However, I would like to use it for 2 different domains
to know:
and jabber.hn.jenp.net
it is now configured for only jabber.jenp.net
so have account as full address: username@jabber.jenp.net
is it possible to make sure that users can have username@jabber.jenp.net as well as username@jabber.hn.jenp.net?
and that they can also connect to both jabber.jenp.net and jabber.hn.jenp.net?
And if that’s possible, I’d like to hear how?
greetings: peter

Hi Peter. Openfire does not and will not support multi-tenancy (see [OF-162] Add multi-domain support (Virtual Domains) - Ignite Realtime Jira for details). When you need more than one XMPP domain, as you describe, you will have to run more than one instance of Openfire.

OK thank you very much.
luckily I have multiple servers so I can install a 2nd openfire on another server.
also an additional question.
is it possible to make sure that people on jabber.jenp.net can communicate with jabber.hn.jenp.net and vice versa?
I suspect so but not sure, and additional question can the servers also be linked together?
and if so how???

That is definitely possible. In XMPP terms, that’s called “federation” or “server-to-server”. It works in a similar way as how email servers talk to each-other.

The easiest way to allow Openfire servers to talk to each-other is to make sure that DNS lookups for the domain name return the IP address of the server that is running the corresponding Openfire instance. (If you can’t do this with A-records, then you can add SRV records).

Obviously, both servers need to be able to set up a network connection to each-other (TCP port 5269), so make sure that your network configuration and firewalls allow for this.

OK thanks. then I know enough. I can make some ip addresses and a and srv records.