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Openfire and AD, deleted AD accounts still show up on Openfire rosters

Hello all,

I’m a junior admin, new to working with Openfire.

We’re currently running Openfire 3.6.4, connected with our Active Directory domain.

New employees who are added to the domain are able to connect without issue.

However, even when old employees are deleted from the domain, they still show up in the rosters.

From what I’ve seen so far, I might have to do some manual work of deleting users from config files, but it doesn’t scale.

I’ve cleared the caches and restarted my IM client (Adium), but still see old employees appear in the offline buddies list.

Any ideas? If I just need to do more learning about XMPP I can if I’m pointed at the right resources.


Have you restarted the Openfire service or rebooted the server?

Not yet, have to wait for off-hours.

Someone else has also suggested I look on the directory into the tombstone liftetime parameter.

I’ll be able to try both strategies in an hour or two

I’ll eventually need a way to force an AD refresh in Openfire, so I’d appreciate any insights you’ve gained from this experience.