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Openfire and DigiCert wildcard cert?

I cannot believe how difficult it is to get SSL working for this server.

Can anyone out there point me to a thread or discussion that will let me setup SSL correctly on an Ubuntu 10.04 server using a wildcard cert from DigiCert? I’ve tried generating keys using their wizards. I’ve followed about a dozen different walkthrus found here and through Google, though most seem to be several years old.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction? I can live with a self-signed cert if necessary, but I’d rather not.


I’m using a wildcard cert from Verisign with Openfire and it is working happily. You need to use the keytool utility from Java to create the keystore.

Try following these instructions:


Did you ever get this to work?

I know its possible to get it working, because i’ve done it somehow.

I didn’t take note of how I did it though~~

Now my certs expired and I can’t figure it out again!! Anyone?

Followed these instructions and they seemed to do the trick