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Openfire and FastPath Permissions

Is there a way to give FastPath permissions to create dynamic rooms on a conference server but stop other users from doing it?

I recall doing this in the past but we changed the domain name our server was running on and the way it was done in the past I cannot recall nor find.

There is no option to give permission to a plugin. But maybe it will work if you disable room creation for all users and add only Fastpath agents? Or maybe it will work if you won’t add anyone as rooms will be created by the server and probably no permissions are needed.

Group Chat > Group Chat Settings > (select your service) > Room Creation Permissions

Not sure if you are still having this issue.

If you add the fastpath workgroup name to the Group Chat Room Creation Permissions it will allow Fastpath to make rooms but no one else.


add fastpath@workgroup.server.com and that fastpath queue can make temp rooms.

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