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Openfire and hostname

I was just about to set up openfire on one of my servers, but when I came at the hostname step I wasn’'t sure what to do…

Am I supposed to put my servers current hostname (server3.example.com) Or can I make a new one especially for openfire? (jabber.example.com) ?

As I would like my openfire server to be at jabber.example.com… not at server3.example.com.

Thanks in advance.

You can use jabber.example.com provided you’‘ve setup your DNS records properly. You’'ll need a CNAME for jabber to point to server3. Additionally, to be complete (especially if you want to openly federate), a xmpp-server SRV record that points to the jabber server as well.

Keep in mind, while technically possible to change the hostname afterwards, it is a pain as it involves updating contact subscriptions/buddies so try to get it right the first time.


Ok, thanks for the info.

I just did set up openfire with server3 So I have to change it afterwards… Or well I guess I’'ll just make a fresh install with everything right. Can I uninstall with rpm -e or are there some more files I need to remove?

About the DNS being properly set up… Do you know where I can make these settings in cpanel/whm (just bought cpanel/whm so I’'m not quite sure where those settings are)

Is it maby enough to just add the subdomain jabber.example.com?


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I would think a subdomain would be fine as long as long as it routes to your machine.

If you’‘re not too far along, I’‘d recommend uninstalling and reinstalling. I’‘m running the inside tomcat, so I can’'t tell if the rpm -e clears out your config file or not. I would imagine it does. Wildfire is self contained so you could always rm the directory.

You don’‘t want to set it up as a subdomain, rather you just need a CNAME to the host you’‘re on. This will suffice for wildfire on a LAN. If you plan on federating, you’'ll need the SRV records to ensure compatability. (for instance, google checks for SRV records)

Sorry, I don’‘t have use CPANEL so I can’‘t walk you through the DNS setup. What I’‘m telling you to do isn’‘t far fetched so I’‘m sure there’'s a way. If you have access to the DNS configuration files, you might edit them manually.


Ok, I managed to uninstall openfire with rpm -e and removing the openfire directory at /opt/openfire

Then I installed it again and did choose the hostname jabber.mydomain.com

Now I’‘m trying to get jabber.mydomain.com to work, I added this dns record in cpanel but it doesn’'t seem to work:

; cPanel 11.2.11-BETA_12121

; Zone file for jabber.mydomain.net

$TTL 14400

@ 86400 IN SOA ns1.mydomain.net. mydomain.mydomain.net. (

  •            2007052001      ; serial, todays date*todays*
  •            86400           ; refresh, seconds+
  •            7200            ; retry, seconds+
  •            3600000         ; expire, seconds+
  •            86400 )         ; minimum, seconds+

jabber.mydomain.net. 86400 IN NS ns1.mydomain.net.

jabber.mydomain.net. 86400 IN NS ns2.mydomain.net.

jabber.mydomain.net. IN A

localhost.jabber.mydomain.net. IN A

jabber.mydomain.net. IN MX 0 jabber.mydomain.net.

mail IN CNAME jabber.mydomain.net.

www IN CNAME jabber.mydomain.net.

ftp IN CNAME jabber.mydomain.net.

(for security reasons my domain is replaced with mydomain.net and my ip is replaced with

Am I doing something wrong?

Should I maby add to the file of mydomain.net (as this is a subdomain) instead of making a new one?

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