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OpenFire and IEC 61850-8-2

For test purposes, we are currently testing an application that connect 10 000 x IEC 61850-8-2 Clients/Servers (all acting as XMPP clients) to OpenFire XMPP Server.

At this moment, we successfully connected 50 x 61850-8-2 Servers to communicate with 50 x IEC61850-8-2 Clients. However, we could make it work after adding a 1 minute delay between XMPP connection and the initiate request from client. Also, when adding more servers , open fire closes the connection randomly. The log says something about an internal failure while processing a xml, resulting a connection loss at the client side.

It seems that OpenFire gives total priority to roster and other XMPP internal messages rather than the ones from IQ type used by the protocol.

Is there anything that we could do to tune XMPP Server in order to solve this issue ?

Hi Julien. It’s interesting to see more standards making use of XMPP. I’m not familiar with IEC 61850-8-2, and when quickly googling for it, I hit seem to hit some kind of paywall.

Having one Openfire (server) serve 50 clients concurrently should not have any kind of issue. If you run into issues with these low numbers, then some kind of bug or severe inefficiency in client code or server-sided customisation is very likely.

Having one Openfire serve 10,000 clients concurrently generally is not a problem either. However, here behavior can become a factor. Having them authenticate/log in all at the same time, for example, might introduce some bottlenecks.

In the above, I’m talking about using one server. You seem to indicate that you’re using more than one Openfire. That generally distributes load, so things should not be worse - but again, this depends on the specifics on how you make those servers interconnect.