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OpenFire and Invision Power Board (IPB) password hashes

I’m currently attempting to use my Invision Power Board (v 2.3.2) as an external database for my new OpenFire jabber installation. Unfortunately Invision seems to have used a different authentication scheme / password store than what OpenFire can connect to, out of the box. With some web research, I’ve come upon the following:

IPB uses a random 5-character salt with a md5 hash, but it stores them together in something like the this – “return md5( md5( $salt ) . $md5_once_password );”

The last thread on this topic is some years old and yielded no fruit. Has anyone been successful in connecting OpenFire to an IPB external database? I’d like to reduce as much complexity for my users as possible, and using their existing username/password combinations will go a long way in promoting their use of the new features.

Much appreciated for any help.