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Openfire and Jappix installation - Errors and questions

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to get Openfire and Jappix to work using the plugin found here. Everything works right up until the installation point where I fill out the details as per the documentation and then get to the main login screen for Jappix. Once there I cannot login, none of my changes (such as name etc) show up on the page and Openfire throws the following error in the console:

com.caucho.quercus.servlet.QuercusServlet getQuercusServlet

INFO: QuercusServlet starting as QuercusServletImpl

Can anybody offer any assistance as I would like to get this working for a project of mine.



that is not really an error .It is just an info message confirming quercus php engine is running ok.

what version of the plugin and openfire are you using?

make sure you are accessing yiur web srver by domain name and not ip address

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Changing the domain name did the trick, must have missed something somewhere. Do you know how I can get to the Jappix manager access part or is this not the right place for the question?

Any specific reason why Jappix will not work with ip addresses and only domain names ? Is there any way to configure these settings to make it work with ipaddress as well ?



Jappix needs the xmpp domain name (user@domain) and is currently using the server host name. To can set the domain name from the Jappix Config php files

hi, everybody

Why I got that message, after pressed next button on the initial page:

Problem accessing /jappix/. Reason:

Conversion = o, Flags =

Any suggestion ? Thanks

Change the languague to english ant that will work