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Openfire and Jitsi


I will use Jitsi with Openfire, but it dont works. I have Openfire on my ubuntu based server in revision 3.8.2. When I’m using Pidgin or Smack framework then I have no problems, but a connection with same account over Jitsi is impossible. I’m take Jitsi 2.2 x64 and get the error, you can see in attachment, after a login trail. A test with a other account on a eJabbered server runs without problems for Pidigin and Jitsi. Have anyone ideas where is the problem at using Openfire and Jitsi?

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Check your Openfire log files and use the Openfire xmldebugger plugin to get a trace of the XMPP message flow between Jitsi and Openfire.

I use Jitsi with Openfire and it works fine for me.

Thanks for the response but where can I find the trace? I have installed the Debugger plugin and enabled it in the system properties, but I can’t found a message flow or XML output at the log files.

It will be in stdout and that depends on your OS and how you started Openfire. I use from OPENFIRE_HOME/bin

./openfire.sh >../logs/stdout.log &

on Linux when debugging issues

sorry but a openfire.sh is not available at my ubuntu based system. I have installed openfire with the .deb from this site and control it with:

sudo /etc/init.d/openfire {start|stop|restart|force-reload}

But over the service control is no output from debugger plugin available…