Openfire and LDAP(S)

I have a development openfire server connected to our Active Directory LDAP server over SSL, I’m using a custom user / group filter:





Both of these queries work against AD and return expected resulsts in less then a second.

On top of the users / groups tabs in the admin console taking forever (which has apparently been a problem since 2007 over SSL), Openfire will sometimes lose the users / groups and not allow connections. I can provide whatever logs you guys might like but i’m kind of new to Openfire so I’m not 100% sure what you guys would like to look at.

Server version is clean install of 3.7.1

Database is local mysql 5.1.47-4

Any help with this sutation would be appreciated, I really like Openfire but between this and spark clients that go crazy it’s really not a very stable solution.


bump bump … is there anyone else out there even having this issue when using group / user filters?