Openfire and LDAP: User mapping issue

We are using Openfire 3.5.2.

Under Server Settings, Step 2of 3: User Mapping, there is a field called “Photo/Avatar”.

We populate it with {jpegPhoto}, but no matter how many times we have typed it in, it keeps disappearing.

Has anyone seen this issue?


There should be a check box at the top of the mappings to allow avatars for LDAP. You need only check that box, openfire should do the rest.

That doesn’t seem to help the issue.

I’ve checked “Store avatar in database if not provided in LDAP” but this hasn’t helped.

The field for Photo/Avatar still erases itself.

When you check the box on the usermapping page you should need to do nothing else. You should not need to modify any fields.

The other way to activate this feature is to make sure there is a asystem property ldap.override.avatar and it is set to true.

I just verified and we have that System Property set to true.

Ok so then try manually editing the openfire.xml file for your server. First you need to stop the openfire server from running. Then edit the vcard data to add what you are looking for. The vCard config for Active Directory should be:













{title} {wWWHomePage} {company} {department} ]]> openfire.xml (4123 Bytes)

thanks, I will try this.

This doesn’t work as well.

Can you clarify exactly what your issue is? What specifically is not working? Give as much specifics as you can, including version of openfire, database type, client, server os, etc.

No problem.

We are using Openfire 3.5.2

We are using the default embedded HSQL Database engine 1.8.0.

Server OS is Solaris 10.

The client is Spark 2.5.8.

We connect to a Microsoft Server 2003 Active Directory.

Basically we are concerned with updates made in LDAP not being reflected in the client.

For example, someone used to have an older ldap photo, which has since been replaced, but the Spark client does not pick up the new photo.

We have tried clearing the cache, and all the options you suggested.

If I missed anything let me know.

Your photos are stored in AD then? The users can not add their own?

You have probably just discovered our issue.

We have a sync between Sun JES LDAP and AD.

We point Openfire to AD, most likely the sync is not working between LDAP and AD.

thanks for your help!

I have used a product called Dameware to admin AD user photos. You could use the demo version to verify the AD photo of users with the error. If this issue is resolved please mark it as answered and award points for helpful and correct answers.