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Openfire and Mu-Conference

Is it possible to run Mu-Conference as an external componenent in Openfire instead of the default Group Chat service? Is anyone doing it?

Hi maalox,

I haven’t tried it, but it should work. Why do you want to use Mu-Conference instead of the build-in MUC implementation? Did you miss something or maybe because you want to implement it on a different server?

Best regards

Guenther, Thanks for the answer. There were a couple of features that I did not see or do not understand how to implement in the built in MUC that I can implement in Muc-Conference. I want to configure chat rooms so that the room is moderated and anyone who joins the room has voice in the room. In other words when someone joins the room I want them to join as a participant not as a visitor since visitors don’t have voice. When I checked the room configuration options using my Jabber client I did not see the option called “Make Occupants in a Moderated Room Default to Participant”. I do see this configuration option for my chat rooms on my jabberd2 server using Mu-Conference. I also do not see this option in the Room Options in the Openfire Admin Console. Also, I want to be able to save chat room logs and post them somewhere so users can look at logs from previous days. I did not see a way to do this using the Monitoring Plugin. See my post called “Newbie Openfire questions” where wroot answered my questions about the Monitoring Service plugin. I see that there is an option in the built in MUC to “Log room Conversations”. Where are the logs stored and in what format? In Mu-Conference I have the “Log room Conversations” option but I also have a “Logfile format” option. I use the XHTML format and save my log files to /var/www/html so the log files can be viewed on a web page in real time. Can I do save log files like this with the built in MUC in Openfire? Thanks in advance for you help.

You’re feature requests are quite interesting. I haven’t tried to configure Openfire like these yet but I will have a look on it the next days.