Openfire and Spark needs tzdata update to lastest version

Openfire and Spark needs tzdata update in java distribution.

Lastest SPark build 2.7.0 has a JRE tzdata version: tzdata2013h

So, you said on the other thread that Openfire 3.9.3 already has JRE 7 (Spark 2.7.0 also uses it). Is there something else that needs to be updated?

Hi wroot! Thx for answer.

Spark 2.7.0 and OpenFire 3.9.3 uses old java tzdata version included in JRE 7 - tzdata2013x. As you can see here Timezone Data Versions in the JRE Software that version is very old and not realy actual for some countries. That prevents users to see actual time in the chat window.

There was already a ticket to start bundling Openfire with Java 8:


I have created similar one for Spark:


But i can’t tell when the build system can be configured to use Java 8 (it probably needs updating of install4j and maybe the Bamboo itself to use it and of course someone should do this, usually Daryl does it, but he has his own job). So, meanwhile i have also filed tickets to update bundled Java to the latest 1.7.0 version (75/76), which should have some timezone information updates.



As i mention in one ticket, Spark and Openfire work fine with Java 8, so one can install it on his system and then delete internal Openfire/Spark java (jre folder).

OF-901 fixed. Nightly build 1653 of Openfire (Windows) is already with 1.7.0_76. Hope it has better timezone info.

SPARK-1602 fixed also. Windows build is with 1.7.0_76 now.

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Great Work! thanks for your help, wroot! I will test new versions as soon as possible.