Openfire as a proxy for filetransfer

Hi everyone!!

I would like to have my own proxy server for file transfers. Is Openfire capable of working as a proxy server for non registered users?? And if so, what is needed to be configured to make it work??

Thanks for your help!!

For what I have been reading in the forum, what I want is possible ( So the point is how to get it done.

I have also been trying to transfer a file to a user registered in Openfire with my domain created and resolvable via DNS. I must say that chat works fine with a contact from gmail configured in PSI. I configured file transfer proxy in PSI as, not When I try to transfer a file from PSI (gmail) to my own programmed client with Smack (, I can see in PSI log the following messages:


<iq type="get"to=“” id=“aabfa” >



<iqfrom=“mydomain.comtype="error"id="aabfa"to="" >


<errortype=“cancel” code=“501” >


So PSI, with its google account, is trying to connecto to Openfire, but its answer is 501 feature-not-implemented.

Any ideas??


Hi everyone!!

I have been looking and trying different solutions found in this forum and the final configuration that worked for my requirements is:

xmpp.proxy.transfer.required = false

xmpp.auth.anonymous = true

xmpp.domain =

xmpp.enabled = true

xmpp.externalip =

xmpp.proxy.port = 7777 = true

xmpp.session.conflict.limit = 0 = true and have the same IP address.

I hope that if anyone wants to do the same that I have done find this post useful.