Openfire as a service

Is there a way to run Openfire as a service on a Windows 2008 R2 server? As it is set up now, I cannot log out of my RDP session without ending Openfire. And even with the best of intentions, I sometimes forget to Lock rather than Logout.

Thank you.

from Openfire: Installation Guide

openfire-service.exe file will be in the bin directory of the installation. You can use this executable to install and control the Openfire service.

From a console window, you can run the following commands:

  • openfire-service /install – installs the service.
  • openfire-service /uninstall – uninstalls the service.

As speedy said.

Just don’t forget this:

Note: the graphical launcher is not compatible with the Windows service. If you install the service, you should use service controls as described above to control the server rather than the graphical launcher.

Upgrading Note: you should stop Openfire service before running the installer to upgrade to the newer version.

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Thank you.


I have looked at the help and i can not find the openfire-service.exe file there’s an openfire-service.vmoptions file under the bin directory. I have been running openfire for a couple of years but want it to run as a service on windows 2008 rc2

running openfire 4.0.1

any help would be appreciated as i dont quite understand the vm part of the setup guide



So, how do you update Openfire? When you run its installer it should put openfire-service.exe into bin folder. You can run Windows installer for 4.0.1 (or 4.0.2) again (link for 4.0.1 - 0_1.exe ), point to the same installation folder. It should put that exe file in there. Then you can follow the service installation instructions.

VM part is not needed to run Openfire as a service. You only need to use it if you run into memory problems and want to change memory settings.

Thanks for the quick response, to update the installation i download the exe file, stop/close openfires gui console and run the exe, this then updates the existing installation. I then restart openfire.



darren wrote:

I then restart openfire.

You can omit this step. Just install the service right after the upgrade and run the service. Openfire should be running then. Do not run GUI launcher after running it via service.