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Openfire as internal communication platform

Hi there,

I have a general question about the setup of Openfire with the capability to use video calls and screen sharing with an internal deployment.
So far I archived the following:
Openfire is running as XMPP Server with AD integration, where the client is Jitsi Desktop. Group chats and one to one chats are working as expected, jitsi auto provisioning with AD auth is running well too. My issue is, that I don’t know what exactly I have to glue together to allow users to perform file sharing, voice calls, video calls and screen sharing (remote computer control) vi Jitsi Desktop without P2P communication. I have a network with multiple subnets and VPN users and client to client communication is not allowed in most sites. So I would like to force all clients to perform any kind of communication to go through the Openfire Server. Am I right, that a jingle node is the peace of software that does the trick? Is there any howto or detailed information available to archive this kind of setup? Right now the clients are always trying to perform direct client to client communication whenever I try to call or send files or anything like that. It would be great If someone could point my in the right direction as I am a bit confused how the problem could be solved.

Thank you.