OpenFire as Public Server

Hi everyone,

I have installed openfire and having successful communication in local vicinity but I can’t make my server accessible from everywhere … Is there any way to do it??

Kindly reply

Thanks in advance

Do you have any experience with networking, firewalls, routers, ip forwarding, dns? If not, then better find one, who will do this for you. It will take too much time and nobody will want to guide you step by step through everything in the forums.

I have an experience of ports, firewalls etc. for the time being I have disabled firewall.

Thing is I just to get a lil hint ; right now i got two options in ma mind i dun knw if m on right path or not but how about if i host dis server using any hosting server? what you say??

You have to have a public IP, to be able to connect from the Internet. First you can try connecting by using that IP rather than server’s name. If you have router in front of your PC with Openfire, you will have to open port 5222 and forward it to your PC’s 5222 port. Obviously you will have to connect to router’s public IP in this case. If it works with IP, then you may start looking at making it work with server’s name. In that case you will have to use some sort of hosting to be able to setup DNS SRV records for that server’s name to be recognizable in the Internet.

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