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Openfire Auto Push Contact list to users

Hi all,

I have just recently installed Openfire and have found it to be very easy to use, and very powerful.

I have been able to find all the features I want in it so far, except for this one.

I want to be able to have every user, have a default list of contacts when they sign up.

Here is a bit of background:

I have deployed this inside a company I work for, and we have about 30-40 ppl. I want everone that is registered to be able to chat to everyone else with out needing to add the each of the contacts. In otherwords, if you login, I want all the current users of the system to be pushed out as a contact list.

Does anyone know if there is a plugin or this type of feature in Openfire?

Any help would be much appreciated.



I think I have found what I am looking for under the “Groups” section in the User admin tab.

I will add more comments if it does what I want it to.


I have discovered that you can push out the group as a contact list item, which is exactly what I wanted to do.

Next time, I guess I should fiddle a little bit more before I post


I’m not seeing a User admin tab. Are you refering to the Users/Groups tab? Can you please provide additional information about how you were able to push the contact list?

You can share any of the groups found un the Groups section of the Users/Groups tab. Groups shared in this way will autopopulate the members of the group to each members roster. You extend this autopopulte to people outside the group as well. So a group containing all chat users if shared will populate all users to all rosters.

Thanks for the response. I suppose I don’t need to do anything additional to have this implemented? That would be nice.

So, if I’m a member of Group123, is it true that I won’t see other members of Group123 until they log in? Is there a setting in Spark that allows you to view off-line members of a group?

Yes that is a Spark setting. All offline members are thrust into a group called Offline Group. Under the contacts menu of Spark you can uncheck this setting.

That’s the ticket! Thanks

Hw about in Openfire? I’m using XIFF client for action script. What do i do to get all the users in the group even though they are not logged in?

if they are in group, it means that they don’t have to send subscribe request right?

Hi All,

I want similer thing in different way…

I want to modify openfire functionality so that

  • When user x comes online, I want him to chat with person x2 ( depending on some condition, I mean I want to modify It for my spacial case, where I have developed new chat client application, which opens a chat window, when user logs in, and that should be connected to particular x2 user)

It is something like, when a user joins/opens chat window,by default I want him to chat with a person in his/her company (To which person, is decided run time by some conditions).

  • I want to disable add friends functionality, as I am going to implement my own code which will make friends by some conditions.

For this purpose, how can I modify/edit source code? and how can I implement it? Where can I get detailed explaination on this? In short My goal is to override existing functionalities of openfire to make it work in my scenario.

Thanks In Advance…