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Openfire Automatic Roster Population via Shared Groups

Attached is a video of how to share groups from Openfire to clients. This should work with LDAP configs as well as locally created created groups. In this example I did the extra step of expanding the shared scope to all users. This is optional.


There doesn’t seem to be any easy/apparent way to mange this once turned on, how do you turn it off? or un-configure it?

First off, this video is way too fast. Any way of slowing it down without constantly hitting pause-play-pause-play-pause-play-pause-play-pause-play-pause-play-pause-play?

Thanks though…I do appreciate it.

My problem is the fact that my user account objects and group account objects are not in the same OU in the active directory.

This is because the user accounts for all campus users are in a central OU managed by the campus IT folks, whereas, the groups for our department are in our separate OU.

So, I configured Openfire to find the users in the central location and to filter the users according to a group in our department’s OU. However, our department’s groups do not show up in the groups area of Openfire.

Any ideas on which property I can edit to get them to show up?



I don’t have an answer but wanted to say we have a similar issue. it would be nice if you coudl configure openfire to get its users and group from separate locations.

I don’t recall where the thread is on this thought off the top of my head, but after reading elsewhere (doh! or was it earlier in this same thread…I don’t know), but I ended up just configuring Openfire to look at the root of the domain. That way, it finds the users as well as the groups that I want in there even though they are in different locations within the active directory.

That is what we have done in the meantime. But because the size of our AD, it takes forever to load groups and users. This is a pain when only a very small portion need access to OpenFire.


hi sixthring,

i’ve created this in AD…

group1,group2,group3 and group4 with Global & Security radio button choosen…

then add 5users on each group but in spark it only appears the group1 and group2 with thier corresponding users…

setup of openfire is integrated users with server 2003 x64 ent sp2 AD using buitin database…

openfire version is 3.6.4 and spark version is 2.6.3…

why does group3 and group4 didn’t appear in spark users?