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Openfire available in FindBugs Community Review


Static analysis is the analysis of software without executing that code. For Java, one of the better known static analysis tools is FindBugs.

The FindBugs team is planning a community review of warnings in several open source projects of varying sizes. The goals of the review are to bring problems to the attention of developers and compare the perspectives of independent reviewers on the severity of the warnings. Openfire has been included in this endeavor.

We invite you to take part. Using a Java Webstart instance of FindBugs, you will be able to review warnings and add comments where appropriate. If you’re interested, please navigate to the FindBugs Community Review page and start reviewing!

Very interesting project. Anyhow from my point of view it is more easy to run FindBugs locally and fix errors or comment non-bugs in the source code instead of commenting them in this tool. There is also Crucible for code review while it’s not really used here.

Is openfire even maintained anymore? Why analyse it?

@LG: You’re right - for (existing) Openfire developers running FindBugs on your local copy of the source works just fine, probably even better. The added value of this Webstart-based tool is that it is completely stand-alone. A user does not need an IDE, FindBugs, or even the Openfire sources. The Webstart-based FindBugs allows you to start reviewing bugs by *literally *opening one link in your browser.

I’m unfamiliar with Crubcible . Does it offer static analysis? That would be somewhat unexpected, but then again, those Atlassian guys do put nice things together

@huskermiked: Sure it is! We’re currently working on the next release.

Then maybe you could finally fix that LDAP bug!


Its getting out of control…

I’m looking forward on the next release.

I’m very excited to hear this project hasn’t been dropped. Thanks for the good news and all the hard work you put into it!!! Despite some people’s reactions, I’m sure we are all very appreciative.


I can’t give an exact date for the next release yet. The reasons for that are explained in When the new version openfire server is expected?

As for the features, fixes and enhancements: most of them are listed here, in our issue tracker. That should give you a pretty good idea of what will change in the next release. There’s a couple of really nice additions in there of which I’m sure can be of a lot of value to a lot of people!