Openfire bosh connections with converse

Hi, I’m trying to use openfire with conversejs.

But I’m having continuous requests to httpbind url and can’t connect.

Here is what i did:

I have installed openfire on a windows machine and configured it.

I can connect to openfire with Pidgin without any problem.

Then I configured Http Binding on port 7070.

Next I configured an IIS web site listening domain

Used URLRewrite 2.0 to route it to openfire port 7070

And I can succesfully make requests to httpbind on domain

then as usual i started getting cors errors on conversejs request.

I resolved this issue by adding a cors header to my routed IIS website by adding Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header to the responses.

Now the cors issue is also resolved. But now when I try to log in conversejs, it just sends more and more requests to the bosh url and nothing happens

as you can see in the image, there are 2000 requests in 2 mins

and when I try to connect with pidgin by removing the connect to server parameter and writing bosh url

pidgin cant connect with error message: “No session ID given”

can somebody guide me in the right direction for what to do next?