Openfire Bridge

Is this possible?

We curently have 1 openfire server connected to our domain and 230+ people sign in using their AD credentials and using spark desktop client.

Can we setup a second openfire server which does NOT use any LDAP authenticated logins (user registration only) and connect sparkweb to THAT server AND make it so that those registered users who are outside the network can chat via sparkweb to those users using spark on the domain inside the network?

If that makes any sense…

We want to be able to give our staff access to spark from outside our network but do not want these people to logon to spark web using their domain credentials (for security reasons) but we DO want them to be able to chat with those at work on the domain.

I guess the other option, if possible, might be to allow for users to create accounts in openfire, apart from LDAP or AD, and be able to use those accounts in sparkweb externally to chat with users on spark internally. any idea?

I would not expose the internal server to the external network. Your first posting sounds like a good setup if the non-AD server has a firewall between the outside server and the inside server. The “insider” may be in a DMZ to further reduce the risc.

But is it possible for the 2 servers to talk?