Openfire Broadcast Announcement

I am seeing an issue with the OpenFire server where any user can send a message to (the actual name of the server) and it broadcasts to the entire server. This is using LDAP integration (AD) for authentication/profiles. I have tried this with and without the broadcast plugin as well as with and without the MOTD plugin.

It works for both Admin and Non-Admin users. I have attempted to set the “plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers” and “plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed” properties to no avail.

Any assistance in this would be appriciated.


Further information, this is Openfire

3.5.2 running on CentOS.

Have tried removing the broadcast plugin and installing the client control plugin. With the client control plugin you can disable broadcasts in spark.

I have tried removing the broadcast plugin as well as adding the client control plugin. However, I am not using Spark – This is just for XMPP enabled clients (ie. libpurple based: pidgin, adium, etc).

It appears to be a bug in how communications directly to the server itself are handled.

I can’t test it better, but currently in my environment messages sent to a domain address are received only by the admin. Maybe this happens after i have tried setting forwarding option. Anyway, you can try adding such system property:


with a value:


So all messages addressed to a domain should be forwarded to that one user. Btw, when i had set this to a just domain, noone was getting messages. Well, maybe your case is related to a LDAP

Thank you very much this is infact it!