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OpenFire Build Error with JDK

Hi All
I am trying to build my open fire workspace and the error is coming as follows.
Buildfile: /home/xxx/Public/xxx/Work/WorkSpaces/melpfire/build/build.xml

/home/chandrasekharvarma/Public/ChandraSekharVarma/Work/WorkSpaces/melpfire/build/build.xml:298: Must use JDK 1.7 or higher to build Openfire

Total time: 600 milliseconds
I am using Linux and JAVA_HOME is set as follows

You appear to be using Apache Ant. This was used in older versions of Openfire. I suggest to switch to the latest version of Openfire, and use Apache Maven instead of Ant.

As for the specific error: older versions may have trouble detecting the version number of Java when that is a two-digit number. Try installing Java 8.