Openfire Caches

Where can I find the latest information on Openfire caches, and recommended cache values?
I see many old threads about caches, which, as I understand it, no longer exist or have been renamed during the Openfire update.
I think many who use the latest versions of Openfire (4.7.5 or 4.8.0) would be interested in best practices for cache settings when used in an environment with 100+/300+/500+/1000+ users.
Thank you!

Such information is not available. It’s also hard to come up with generic numbers, as small changes in usage patterns have considerable effect on cache usage.

In Openfire 4.8.0, we’ve updated the default sizes of caches (I believe we basically increased them tenfold). It is worth checking if your caches are using those defaults.

My advise it to look at the “Cache Summary” page on the Openfire Admin Console. This will use a red font to print the ‘effectiveness’ of a cache, when it is not properly sized. This page will give you feedback on your own system, which should be better than any generic guide that we might have.

Thank you for the information!
I am also interested in the relevance of cache names. For example, here on the forum, I saw recommendations for cache parameters, whose values I do not see on my server (Openfire 4.7.5) in the cache information.
Here is the link to the post from 2013:

I understand that this information is no longer relevant, and I should only look at the values displayed by my server?
And am I right in thinking that each cache has only 2 parameters: size and maxLifetime?

It doesn’t hurt to have large caches, if you have the memory (and in 2024, having plenty of RAM is a lot cheaper than in the early 2000’s). Still, cache usage is very specific to the usage patterns of a particular server. I do not think that fine-tuning is possible based on numbers that are published somewhere. My advice is to look at the stats of the cache usage on your own server, and work based of those numbers.

That’s correct.