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Openfire callbackOnOffline Plugin

Hi there.

My openfire version is v4.1.4 and have installed callbackOnOffline plguin.
When i send message to offline user, unfortunately run time error has occured and callback url never call.
So installed manually callbackonoffline plguing with v1.2 jar file that download from following url.

But run time error has occured and callback url still doesn’t call.
I installed ecllipse and have compiled callbackonoffline plguin with latest openfire source but same thing has happened.

My openfire version is 4.1.4 and jre version that installed openfire server is 1.8.0_141.
Jre version is too old?

First of all, i want to know about the jre version that installed your openfire server which works well callbackonoffline plugin with v1.2 jar file.
What is my fault?
I attached error log image.

Thank you.

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Hi @JiUn_Zhang,
I have the same error.
Have you found a solution?


Hi @momone, @JiUn_Zhang
have you guys find any solution of this
my open-fire server version is 4.2.3