Openfire - Can not start up server on Mac OS X 10.9.5

This is my first time to use Openfire.

I installed the Openfire 3.9.3 to my computer.

When i try to start up the Openfire server, the application pop up a error message box (Could not start the Openfire server).

Is anybody can help me?

Thank you!

No answers?

I have the same issue.

Openfire Version 3.10.0

OSX 10.10.3

No mention of OSX in Openfire: Installation Guide

Isn´t it supported?

How do I get rid of it? Where are the files located on OSX?

I had the same issue. I had to start OpenFire using:

screen -S openfire -fa -d -m /usr/local/openfire/bin/ start

This will start openfire in a screen session so you can run it in background.

I’m not quite sure why Ignite continues to provide a Mac OS download of this product. It hasn’t worked out of the box since 2008. Who runs Snow Leopard and Java 1.6 nowadays, even if they wanted to…?