Openfire Chat Notification

Does openfire send chat notification when a user sends message and app is in background state ?(like in other chat apps(whats app,hike etc.)

Openfire only transmits the message. This is up to the client whether to notify its user somehow or not.

if we have to implement push notification in our app, every time when one of the user text’s in group what will be the process??

Openfire is a general instant messaging platform. It is not designed to work specifically with mobile clients like whatsapp application and others. I don’t think there is a push notification related mechanisms in Openfire. Well, there is a PubSub module, but i don’t think it will work for this. There are no experienced developers here or developers who can spend time on guiding you on how to create push notifications in Openfire. You will have to create it on your own or find other solution/server/platform.