OpenFire Chat: One user not getting initial messages from some other users

After some years of successful chat in-house service, we’re having our first anomaly.

Platform: OpenFire 4.3.2, Windows Server 2016
Client: Adium 15.11 beta for Mac

One user, “Jenny,” has recently joined the company. She is not receiving first messages from “Fred” nor “Bob.” If Jenny starts a chat with Fred and Bob, she will receive replies from them.

Fred and Bob’s initial messages to Jenny are being logged in full on the server. However, Jenny’s chat client, Adium, does not notify nor receive on these messages. This occurs on two different Macs, both running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.

Sometimes other senders will get an error that Jenny is not available – when she is clearly available and logged in.

Jenny is in the same Windows Security groups as all other participants.